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User Projects & Pictures / Fly dia for drip oil heater?
« on: February 27, 2023, 03:45:11 pm »
I have a 1800 ft shop in eastern Okla. I  have heated it with a wood stove. I plan on making a drip feed wast
Oil burner. My thought is to use a side draft flue to help retain some of the heat in the chamber a little longer
Than routing it out top of tank. My tank will most likely be a 40 gal hot water tank. I would like to keep it just
drip feed with no forced air. What Dia flue pipe would you recommend? 6” or 4 “. Which would create the best
draw? I know 6” will flow more air volume. But some times more volume will be slower velocity where less dia
such as a 4” could be less air but a higher velocity = more draw. Kinda like a soda straw. Large straw vs smaller
straw. I may be over thinking this, but many of you have been there done this. I hate to buy the flue, & have to
turn around and buy a different dia flue. 

           Please offer your thoughts, thank you!   Fly

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