Author Topic: Moved to a new server!  (Read 8136 times)


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Moved to a new server!
« on: April 10, 2019, 05:58:02 pm »
If you are a regular to the site, you probably noticed the new look.  I had to move the forum to a new server.  In the process of the move I ran into several hurdles, so I ended up removing a couple of features from the forum.  One was the portal page showing the latest posts and the other was the theme on the site, neither of which were supported on the newer version of the forum software.  So this time around I am leaving the forum as stock as possible to avoid any future troubles.

An unfortunate side affect of moving the forum is that some of the attachments were lost.  It's along story, but it has to do with the way the FTP program FileZilla works in conjunction with the way SMF forum stores the attachments.  I unknowingly overwrote the files on the old host as well, so now all I have is corrupt files.  I had an old backup, but nothing very recent, so older posts will have working attachments but newer posts wont.  I am very sorry to those who took the time to post their projects and now their pictures are lost.

More info on the attachment and FileZilla problem:

Enjoy the forum and if you spot something that isnt working correctly, please let me know.