Author Topic: Synthetic oil in energy logic  (Read 7783 times)


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Synthetic oil in energy logic
« on: January 11, 2016, 01:10:53 am »
I have an energy logic 200 that does a good job except for a couple things.  My oil supply gets some synthetic.  If My intake happens to pick up a gob that hasn't gotten blended the fire goes out.  Does anyone know what EL's minor modification consists of?  They won't talk to me because I bought the burner used.  I added a filter heater that seems to help some.  Trouble usually starts after transferring cold oil from outside storage to feed tank.  Burner is on a  chamber that is designed to burn wood so when it does this WE load it with wood, get a good hot fire going and run in pump prime mode till the problem oil is cycled through.  But that means a person has to waste a bunch of time.   Any ideas?       
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