Author Topic: CK burner oil splatter in chamber  (Read 378 times)


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CK burner oil splatter in chamber
« on: November 13, 2018, 04:15:37 pm »
Been burning waste oil for 7 years using a pressure system and have never experienced this. With the CK kit it shoots a ring of oil like a wide angle hollow nozzle. The droplet size is to large to burn and just get absorbed into the combustion chamber till it catches fire. I also see very small drops hitting the back wall.

The set up
EFM furnace with vacuum formed quickie 300 chamber narrowed 3" 10.34”wide x 18.25” long x 12.00” tried burner 1/4 behind the chamber and 1/2" inside the chamber. Chimney is all fuel 10' tall with dampner.

Metering pump set up running about 70 RPM, DC powered gear reduction variable speed. Lines are all going up with no dips, flare fittings. Also tried setting up as a siphon about 6" below nozzle with no change.

Tried using a beckett FO retention head like i always used on my pressure systems set up the way beckett wants.Tried the CK retention head set up with the nozzle out of the retention head the way ohio heaters suggests and also flush to 1/8 behind the nozzle like CK wants. It runs best with the CK head set up the way he wants, no difference in dropplet size just flame now looks alot like a heating oil flame.

PID 180'F heater block temp below or higher makes no difference. Heating the oil line going into the heater does help dropplet size a bit. Just proves that the block is to short to properly heat the oil. Im not heating the oil going into the heater block at this time, temps in the 50s for air/oil.

Nozzle - tried 3 nozzles .75 and .85 no change.

Air pressure - tried eveything but between 6-9 psi is best. secondary air is taped off, it dosent want any. tried a low fire fan blocker then i need to open up secondary air. Again no real change.

Getting frustrated with the hours spent on this with no change. Its the same no matter what i do. The walls of my heat exhchanger is getting damp with raw waste oil. Probably have 30 hours in just trying to get smaller bropplet size. any ideas??????


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Re: CK burner oil splatter in chamber
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2019, 11:00:46 am »
Chamber to small. These burners need alot of room for the flame.