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Author Topic: Hi and Advice  (Read 1282 times)


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Hi and Advice
« on: November 24, 2015, 04:08:39 am »
Hi all just signed up to get some advice from you more knowledgeable guys.......

Anyway I built a waste oil heater last year using a propane tank, its a gravity feed system.

Basically the oil tank is on the side helps keep the oil warm and more fluid, this is feed into the pan with a burner tube above then the propane cylinder and a flu at the top.
This is also air fed by my compressor top assist with burning.

The heater burns very cleanly once you've dialled in the correct air oil mix although does consume quite a lot of oil....

So time for some upgrades currently you have to have the skills of a safe cracker to get the optimum burn mainly due to the terrible all or nothing gate valve on the oil supply so Ive ordered a more controllable needle valve which will hopefully sort this out.

The heater gets very hot as can be seen in the pictures however a lot of this heat is just wasted and not distributed around my workshop, I propose to halve an oil drum and make a back shield round the rear of the propane cylinder with a ducted electric van to push some of this heat around the workshop I realise this dosnt need to be to powerful so as not to cool the tank rather move the heat in my direction.

I would also like to T off the ducted fan supply to feed some air into the burner to save having my compressor burning all day long.

Any suggestions and improvements you can think of most welcome pictures below.