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Author Topic: My garage heater(babbington)  (Read 1787 times)


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My garage heater(babbington)
« on: December 20, 2014, 01:02:30 am »
New here, here is a project I built 2 years ago to heat the garage. Runs great, very clean burn when tuned properly.

The burner shoots down the center of a 6' long finned pipe and the exhaust exits out the short chimney.
The blower outside forces air along the outside of the 6' finned pipe to deliver warm air(300F) to the inside.  The burn tube is at a lower pressure than the fresh air around the outside so if there are any leaks they will allow fresh air to be forced into the burn pipe instead of the other way round.

The large regulator on the left is a Low Pressure regulator and is used to regulate fuel pressure(less than 1PSI) and fine tune the flame.  The small regulator on the right regulates air pressure to the nozzle(around 20 PSI).  There is a quick connect where I attach shop air when I am running the heater.  I took a door panel out of the overhead door and the door closes down over the metal plate. These pics were taken while I was adding fuel to the tank.