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Author Topic: need information!!!!  (Read 2546 times)


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need information!!!!
« on: March 19, 2009, 08:39:39 pm »
HI Im new to the forum and am desperatly seeking information!!
My current burner;

I recived the info from donna-mike on ebay and am still trying to make it work correctly.

I have a type of nozzel heater but its kind of crude. its not controlled very well yet, I was planning to get a PID Temperature Controller to keep the oil at a very controlled temperature. but my problem is that on stright engine oil it over loads the pump and kicks off the motor overload (red button on the pump motor. I think I  need to build a preheater. The oil is to thick for the pump!!??  Is it better to preheat the oil or actually heat up the pump itself??

I was thinking the between running the oil in the pump would cool and cause problems?? do you have any problem's with that? or dose the preheater work just fine?? how close is your preheater to the furnace??

I just ordered 2 pid type controller's to control my preheat and nozzel heat. so now I just need to figure out a pre heater!!!   Any ideas or pictures!!

For those of you using a siphon type of system which one works better???? and why!!!

Thanks for any and all info!!


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Re: need information!!!!
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2009, 11:22:36 pm »
Hello Andy and welcome to the forum!

Nice pictures.  Looks like you are building a nice setup.  Hopefully some of those with a little more experience than I can answer some of your questions.  I'm not sure how frequently everyone has been visiting the forum, so please be patient and hopefully someone will comment.

My friend is nearly done with my preheater block, so I will hopefully be posting pictures of the finished burner soon.  I will keep you all updated.