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Author Topic: From the Ottawa Valley Canada  (Read 2030 times)


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From the Ottawa Valley Canada
« on: December 27, 2013, 08:45:57 pm »
Hi, I am Larry from just east of Ottawa Canada.  Been burning wood in furnace (indoor) here for the last 30 years, forced air oil as a backup in the house.  8)

Burn WMO and WVO in forced air oil furnace in the shop, 1200 sq ' slightly modified pressure system.  Burn't some over the years in a 12V Cummins, 7.3 IDI Ford.

My pressure setup is pump to about 140 psi, blended fuel using RUG or colored diesel whatever comes cheapest.  Around here pump diesel is about $ 1.35 litre, (4.3L to one gallon)  and rug at $1.25L

My wvo is canola oil have about 100 galls only and about 500 galls of wmo.  It is becoming harder to get wvo anymore. Contracts are all the rage at fast food fryers, chip stands etc.

Currently am laid off from the RV business, (seasonal) so cash is not being so easy to get.  I cannot easily get into the woods this time of year with the snow so deep, don't have a tractor just a little utility vehicle from 2 vw transaxles hinged in the middle, driven by hydraulic motrs, driven by 4 cyl toyota gas motor.  I have a lot of ideas but am suffering from motivational issues (depression) no cash, no unlimited parts or supplies.

I want to build a waste drip for a small woodstove using a metering pump  (suntec pump, windshield wiper motor) for my uninsulated outdoor room attached to the house.

I have a Mr Heater, 75Kbtu siphon feed, noisy sucker, burns mixed mvo and diesel some wmo.

I have a dieselcraft centrifuge, 2 oil fired hot water tanks, to be used to preheat prior to centrifuging. I have only fuged maybe 100 galls of wmo but unheated in the summer, blended with rug/diesel.

Have an 8.3 Ford diesel outback that i would like to play with, but useless to just have a motor only run......

I bled with up to 50% but mostly 30% rug to wvo that has been settled only, slightly higher to wmo that has been settled, minimal filtering. Mostly 20-50w stuff but some questionable black gold as well.

Burn about 5 bush cords of wood a year, 4x4x8 x 5 and about 100 galls in the shop.  I have added some to house furnace but only about 50galls a year to about 100 galls of furnace oil.

Been really cold last couple of weeks, -28-30 C at nights so burning up a lot of wood.  Do soak some of the crappy wood in wmo but not much.

Not much trouble to light off the shop furnace. Sometimes I have to help with a bit of burning newspaper in the firepot, but my blending usually lets it light off with minimal smoke.

So hello to all and I will lurk a while

If it ain't burning then its not hot enuff!!


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Re: From the Ottawa Valley Canada
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2013, 12:59:33 pm »
Greetings Larry, glad you stopped by.  Its always interesting hearing stories from everyone.  It sounds like you have some interesting projects and I think your drip system with the suntec pump and wiper motor should work out well.  I did something similar, but with an oriental speed control motor.  If you can vary the speed on your wiper motor you should be just fine.  Also, I think some suntec pumps have some sort of valve in them that only allows oil flow at a certain rpm or pressure.  The one I used (A2RA-7710) doesnt have this valve, but ones you might find on a standard burner may.  I think it might be removable though.

Good luck with your project!