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Need help
« on: January 31, 2013, 12:02:27 pm »
I have a lanair mx200 that I cannot get to light.  It done this to me the other day and I drained about 5 gallon from the bottom and it worked fine for a couple days.  Tried to drain it today and it still won't light.  The only thing that comes out when I drain it  looks like oil.  Could the water not be settling out?   I'm about fed up with this thing temped to sell it.  It's been more trouble than its worth. 


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Re: Need help
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2013, 03:50:55 pm »
Sorry to hear about your bad luck I have had this problem before but I do not own a commercial Burner mines custom built now a few things will help does it not light at all .... take a few steps to get some details

pull the nozzle make sure it didnt get cloged up

check to see if its spitting any oil out at all

Check electrode gap and clean up and build up and re gap if needed

If that doesnt help

Could be bad oil

in this case

I run to gas station pick up 5 gal of Diesel and run it tought it i do this once a month anyways it seams to keep my heater block Clean out  and burn up any un burned oil

if that works then just replace that batch of oil  I got 110 gals worth of bad oil this year so im gonna boil of the water next year

Good luck

PS check to make sure your retention head didnt shift some how (happen to me)

And if you have a wife I no the feeling mines cusses my burner out everything it stop working LOL