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Author Topic: Placement of Drip Valve  (Read 4501 times)


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Placement of Drip Valve
« on: October 21, 2011, 12:30:35 am »
Hi all
I'm building Bruce Woodfords modification of the MEN drip waste oil heater. I like the ease with which it appears the burner assembly can be cleaned.

I can only find a few photos and the drawn diagram of his air pipe and drip tube sizing. Does anyone know where add'l information can be found on his burner?

Also, I have a needle valve with a sight glass, [from McMaster-Carr] and was wondering if it would work better to have the metering valve before the oil is preheated or after.

My tank will be outside with a 3/4" pipe running into the bldg.  It "seems" the metering would be more consistant if it were after preheating as [after start up] the viscosity of the oil would be more constant and less affected by the [hopefully] rising temp.inside the building.

rob jones