Author Topic: need low-maintenance boiler for cottage  (Read 3691 times)


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need low-maintenance boiler for cottage
« on: January 25, 2011, 12:17:18 pm »
Hello everyone.  First time poster.  Been admiring the WVO/WMO scene for years and trying to figure out if I can benefit from it.

I have a lake cottage with a water-circulated baseboard heater system.  Runs on #2 heating oil.  Tank is outside as is the boiler too; I know that's a little unusual for a home setup.  It is partially under an awning, but not completely, it has a sheet metal shroud over it as well.  The brand is New York, it's very old.  This is in Ohio, and temps can hit -10* F on an especially cold winter night.

Figure I burn 100 gallons of oil a month at the peak of winter and maybe 350 gallons total a year.

I am pretty handy, have worked on engines and cars and fixed natural gas furnaces, etc etc.  I am willing to spend a little time doing maintenance: a little cleaning, filter replacement, etc.  But I don't have time to tinker or build a unit.

Is there a commercial unit I can buy - install outdoors - and assuming I feed it well filtered WVO, not spend more than 1 hr of maintenance on it per month?  It would also be nice to know that if I don't have time to maintain it, or it breaks down, I can call a local service person and get it handled.