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constant level, well sort of
« on: January 13, 2011, 07:43:12 pm »
Im going to use a standard heating oil pump to feed my siphon nozzle (waste motor oil). my plan is to plumb the line from the pump to the nozzle and use a T. one from the pump one to the heater block and another "larger" tube as a bypass with no restriction back to a tank or the inlet to the pump. all thats needed, remove the ball in the standard heating oil pump pressure regulator leave in the spring and it creates just enough restriction to pump fluid with very little pressure and it is way easier on the pump not having to make 100 psi with non heated oil....   I tried this on a now abandoned babington burner project and it worked rather well. for this it would need the bypass at the heater block to make sure it had all the fuel it needed without excessive pressure. some tinkering would get it all nailed down.