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Commercial Waste Oil Heaters / Re: Lanair MX250 fuel PSI
« Last post by ShopSpecialties on February 22, 2020, 09:19:52 pm »
When was the last time a burner rebuild was done ?
Welcome Center / Re: New guy from New Hampshaa.
« Last post by Russ on February 21, 2020, 10:38:50 pm »
Greetings Harold!  Glad you joined.  Sounds like you probably have a good supply of used oil for your Lanair!

Commercial Waste Oil Heaters / Lanair MX250 fuel PSI
« Last post by Blazin on February 21, 2020, 05:39:26 pm »
Lately I've had to run my fuel pressure up around 8/10 lbs. Furnace runs but tends to not fire without manual reset most of the time, then it tends to short cycle. Fire several times, then the blower finally comes in. Some times it will go all day, or night. Sometimes it goes one, or two cycles. Anyone have a nay tips?
Welcome Center / New guy from New Hampshaa.
« Last post by Blazin on February 21, 2020, 05:35:03 pm »
Thanks for the ad.
My name is Harold, I own Harold's Truck & Auto Repair in Alexandria NH. We work on pretty much anything from Camrys to Peterbilts. Shop is 5000 sq', I heat it with a Lanair MX250.
Waste Motor Oil / Re: homemade WMO conversion for wood stove
« Last post by doug on February 18, 2020, 06:41:35 pm »
  Can you link us to that youtube  video
Waste Motor Oil / Re: homemade WMO conversion for wood stove
« Last post by Russ on February 18, 2020, 01:30:11 pm »
I dont have any recommendations for you but wanted to say you have an interesting project going and I would hate to see you scrap everything and go back to wood.  But, if there isnt a good way to achieve a good burn and use the heat efficiently versus sending it out the exhaust, maybe this style of heater just wont work.  It sounds like you have a creative side to you and I would encourage you to give some other things a try before giving up.

I have heard of people dripping old dirty oil, stuff beyond being able to be used in a pressure or siphon system, into a wood furnace.  This is used in conjunction with wood.  You woudl probably still be in the same situation with heat going out the exhaust.  Heat extraction before going out the exhaust is probably where you will have to concentrate.
Waste Motor Oil / Re: CK burner kit
« Last post by Russ on February 18, 2020, 01:23:51 pm »
Nice looking setup.  CK is a very good way to go!
Waste Motor Oil / Re: CK burner kit
« Last post by doug on February 16, 2020, 06:04:55 pm »
  I too like dealing with Craig. Always quick to respond and always helpful.
Waste Motor Oil / CK burner kit
« Last post by acarter on February 16, 2020, 09:59:09 am »
About 3 years ago I bought a used Clean Burn burner and triad boiler and set myself up for waste oil. After 2 seasons of messing with the old Clean Burn setup I decided to give the CK Burner kit a try with a new Beckett burner. I put it together and set it up this past summer, it's been running since October and the few times I've had issues it has been air compressor related, the burner itself has been flawless. The Clean Burn burner was an almost daily "tuning" of the oil and air pressures to get it to burn right and there was always something wrong with it (which was most likely age related). The CK burner has been a "set it and forget it" machine.

I tried a few tips and ended up with the 1gpm nozzle to get more heat for a large boiler. 12 psi seems to be the happy spot for easy lighting and decent flame size. I have an air regulator (set at 40psi) inline before the reg on the burner itself, this prevents any fluctuation in air pressure (from the air comp. cycling) at the primary burner reg. So once I set got done the initial tuning in the fall I haven't touched the air pressure since.

About once a month I clean out the lower chamber of the boiler and get about a coffee cup of very light ash, much better than the old burner.

I also want to say that the few times I have had a question about the system during setup or afterwards Craig from CK was very quick to respond and very helpful.

Waste Motor Oil / homemade WMO conversion for wood stove
« Last post by sp0198746 on February 14, 2020, 11:52:51 am »
I was appealed to say the least, when I watched the YouTube video where a man converted a wood stove into a waste oil burning furnace. The idea is that you can burn used oil on a metal plate by blowing air on the fire like a forge.  In the video the man used plumbing hardware and simple fluid power science to improve a machine and leach free thermal energy from waste oil that would usually cost money to get rid of.  This seemed like a project I could enjoy building with a bonus of not having to deal with wood anymore, not to mention the benefit of getting rid of my used oil.

Ask anyone who knows me, and they will agree that this kind of project is right up my alley. I could put all this stuff together with one trip to the hardware store and for less than fifty bucks and after one evening of tinkering I could have free heat for my man cave.  I anticipated a positive outcome for the build as the concept development and trial and error had been done already by the YouTube Guy.  He laid out a few parameters that I tried to follow as close as possible. First the plumbing schematic was straight forward, put a copper tube inside of a steel pipe, both pipes are plumbed into the stove and turned down into a stainless-steel pot. The copper tube is hooked to the oil reservoir the outer steel pipe is hooked to a blower. Second was the lighting instructions. He started the fire by splashing some Kerosene into the pot and throwing in a flaming paper towel then turning on the oil and the blower then poof it was running.

With the local hardware store and some hillbilly style scrounging I came up with enough ¾ steel pipe and copper tube to put this thing together. I used an old machine oiler and a ball valve for the oil reservoir and an old green house blower (60cfm) for the air supply. Two trips to the thrift store provided me a stainless-steel pot and overflow catch pan.  I wound up with about three days of gathering and thirty dollars in this project, so it was time to put it all together and give it a try.

With guidance from my new You Tube mentor and a few friends, I was ready to light her up and get some free heat out of this thing. This is usually the climax of most of my projects as I am known as the type of guy who would get a go-kart project three quarters finished and jump on for a premature, no brake, funnel full of gas in one hand, and beer in the other hand type ride. But not this time! I had bought the right stuff and done the research. Following the instructions, I splashed the Kerosene into the pot, lit the paper towel and turned on the oil and the blower and It was off to a good start, but I couldn’t keep it running. The next night I picked up some diesel fuel and tried it again this time it took and it raged for an hour and burned about 2 quarts of used oil, all the while only getting the room (100 sq. ft) up to a sweltering 49°F. I even started cutting the oil with gasoline and I could practically touch the stove without burning my hand. It made a cool sound like a forge and a lot of flames, but all the heat was going out the pipe. When I tried dampening the flue it would choke out the flame. I tried more air, less air, more oil, less oil, opening the air vent closing the flu and visa-versa.

 I guess what I am asking is there anything I should try before I rip this POS out and go back to burning wood?

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