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Welcome Center / Welcome everyone to 2013/2014 heating season
« on: November 11, 2013, 06:04:12 pm »
Just wanted to welcome back seasoned members and new members best of luck and have a safe heating season. I update my 2012/2013 heating projects as soon as my garage gets done.

Matt S.

Waste Motor Oil / Hello Everyone
« on: September 05, 2013, 04:20:47 pm »
Hello Everyone,

    Figured I would post to let you no im still active and busy in the background. I do not think I will be a active waste oil burner this winter But will be active on this forum to help newcomers (were selling our house) so I be back on natural gas. With that said my projects are still as they stand I will continue to experiment and play around with my Scroll Compressor and Igniter Kit.

as for my current waste oil burner Im gonna using it on my large melting furnace to cast the parts for my scroll compressor project I keep in touch and post updates

Happy Burning And have a safe season

Matt Schindler

Commercial Waste Oil Heaters / Re: Need help
« on: January 31, 2013, 03:50:55 pm »
Sorry to hear about your bad luck I have had this problem before but I do not own a commercial Burner mines custom built now a few things will help does it not light at all .... take a few steps to get some details

pull the nozzle make sure it didnt get cloged up

check to see if its spitting any oil out at all

Check electrode gap and clean up and build up and re gap if needed

If that doesnt help

Could be bad oil

in this case

I run to gas station pick up 5 gal of Diesel and run it tought it i do this once a month anyways it seams to keep my heater block Clean out  and burn up any un burned oil

if that works then just replace that batch of oil  I got 110 gals worth of bad oil this year so im gonna boil of the water next year

Good luck

PS check to make sure your retention head didnt shift some how (happen to me)

And if you have a wife I no the feeling mines cusses my burner out everything it stop working LOL

Compressed Air Sources / Re: Thomas 2660 Pump
« on: January 28, 2013, 11:25:14 pm »
Russ i tried a tank with a check valve and once the tank got up to psi and the pressure limit kicked the compressor off was all good but when the compressor went to kick on again it locked up till thevtank ran low enough i even set my tank psi switch to kick off at 10 psi still had problems i used a 1 gal tank let me no if you have any luck

Compressed Air Sources / Re: Thomas 2660 Pump
« on: January 28, 2013, 11:04:14 pm »
Yes that plasic peice is a relief do not take it out it wont work i no from experiance lol

Compressed Air Sources / Re: Thomas 2660 Pump
« on: January 28, 2013, 11:00:04 pm »
I used same pump 1 side is intake or vacum other side is output. Jut hook it up see what side sucking then to quite it down some more i put a restrictor on the intake side a valve cock open to get your pressure or i use a orfice from a old gas burner i notice when i ran the intake side open with no load compressor ran hot and wAs really loud

Board Suggestions / Re: Updated Forum Software
« on: January 27, 2013, 10:14:31 pm »
Look good noticed it more iPhone friendly to

Easier to get around the forum on myiPhone as I am on the go

Waste Motor Oil / Re: Waste Oil Burner Prices
« on: January 23, 2013, 04:41:01 pm »

I just talk to russ in a privite email I had told him i plan on having a Working unit For sale by 2013 - 2014 heating season as long as the intrests keeps increasing like it is I Gonna push harder to get a working compressor unit off one of my CNC machines and on my testing units

Because I dont want to sacrifice Quality Im working at a slow pace I want to Test one of these compressors To its breaking points to ensure that what you pay for  will truely Last and perform like no other 

As i stated above about Pushing hard to get a compressor off a cnc I say that because I do CNC machine work/Welding/ Plasma cutting out of my garage on the side. So my schedual got Full at the beginning of this year  Now it starting to thin out I will continue to work on my compressor unit

Thank You All

Matt Schindler

Waste Motor Oil / Re: Waste Oil Burner Prices
« on: December 09, 2012, 12:06:20 pm »
I plan on selling them as a aftermarket add on so yes you could purchase one to add to your burner

I feel now that the waste oil community falls more towards Custom built unit (self made) over Premade units Unless the price is right. So for now I be offering everything to be mounted as a universal package

Thanks Russ


Waste Motor Oil / Re: Waste Oil Burner Prices
« on: December 08, 2012, 04:10:42 pm »
Oh yea, and that compressor idea sounds great.  I would think that would be a big plus.  Those deciding on a pressure vs siphon system may like that idea also as it eliminates the need for an external air source.

OK now that the Electrode kit is out of the way I suppose you all want to no about .... the onboard compressor
well some of you have tried the rotary vein style addon with some success and are not very quite as claimed or have failed do to the carbon or graphit viens and need rebuilt, or maybe your using a thomas off board compressor (most common) or even a compressor out of a old fridge or air conditioner.

Well I devoloped a Scroll compressor that mounts and replaces the oil pump thats right scroll compressor the blower motors louder then the compressor

so whats so much better then the off board AC compressor well few things
  • its mounted on board and requires no external Power source other then the motor coupling to the oil pump
  • as most no the AC compressor relies on the oil from Freon to keep it lubicated so i redesign it so its self lubicated without contaminating the air supply
  • The best part .... Its Absolutly as Quite as your fridge

i wont let to much out of the bag but Im trying to quote and design this for Under 100.00 bucks and my Goal is Almost close  

i have a new cnc mill on its way so as soon as i get new design off the mill I will display pictures

(my first version and protype was a AC compressor Rebuilt and re machined to mount up on the oil burner)

By the way I would like to thank all you for input I am designing this burner around this forum based on other experience and input

Thank You

The First verson burner was design to regulate air supply Inside the compressor to Work with a Onboard Computer i design for the oil burner to help self adjust the flame based on Oxygen sensors, light and Few other sensors (thats why almost my whole design is based around a Adjustable burner it was design to be regulated base on the On board Computer to help eliminate down time)

It also eliminated the Blower motor and use air stream injector to mix with the Fuel so no need for a retention head
This design is being evaluated for performance and is plan to run trial runs in the next few months

Waste Motor Oil / Re: Waste Oil Burner Prices
« on: December 07, 2012, 09:29:03 pm »
what your seeing doug is were the stainless steel electrodes are labeled are where the electrodes rods come out there 2 sets that come with the kit (a Straight set approx 2" long and a Angled Set)  i just didnt draw them in and yes your seeing  then inside of the burner tube my addon mounts to the front of CK Preheater right behind the nozzle on that short .700 dia Boss

I post Image next week of one actully mounted since my Boiler needs cleaned out it will be a good time to take my burner off and get pictures

Also the greyed area around the Electrode Label is a threaded ball that pivots and rotates 360 Deg that how you position the Electrode so you dont have to bend it in place you just pivot it then tighten down the adjustment screw to lock it in position

Once agian sorry for the bad draw it just a concept draw I did to get the idea out

Waste Motor Oil / Re: pressure system
« on: December 07, 2012, 03:53:52 pm »
I completly Agree with Russ I had started a pressure burn got it to burn 1 or 2 times then Bought CK Burner Kit and was burning the next day i got the kit. Since then I have been modifying that set up to be more effective and even easier setup for people getting into waste oil

If you can use a drill and hand tools I pretty confident that you can Use the CK kit and you will be Happy with the Results

Waste Motor Oil / Re: Waste Oil Burner Prices
« on: December 07, 2012, 03:09:27 pm »
Thanks for your guys input

I Got parts on Order im gonna build few more sets of my Custom Electrode setup its fully compatible with CK Burner Setup just eliminates the need for electrodes and buss bars and uses wires to hook up igniter and the New electrodes mount behind the nozzle.

The purpose of this set up is to:
  • Eliminate the Need to bend the electrodes in place to get Proper Spacing and position
  • clear out some room in the back of the Burner and prevent Buss bars from Arc out on Heater block(Rare issue)
  • Make electrode maint. Easy you simply unscrew the electrode and screw in a new one Cost of $0.50 a set of electrodes cheap compared to the buss bar system

Hes a rough 2D drawing from autocad Give you guys idea of what it looks like I post images of a Complete one and one mounted maybe i make a youtube video 2.

The electrodes are Actual threaded into round ball and the adjustment screw tightens up against the ball to keep it from moving

Thank again for the feed back
Matt Schindler

Waste Motor Oil / Waste Oil Burner Prices
« on: December 02, 2012, 06:01:17 pm »
I only ask this question because if fall in line with what i have been working on
and thats is a waste oil burner in a Economy version I just cant beleive you can buy a Commercial/residential version for 1500 - 2000

Me being a machinest and Engineer I knew the prices for these could be accomblish for far less so i design and Quoted one in auto cad to build a Waste oil burner ready to bolt on to your boiler or Furnace  hook up the 1 Power connector, the transformer connector, and oil line and Fire it up

So far I have managed to Offer a waste oil burner ( with some Key Features To help ease maint) and for those who just dont want to mess with the CK burner Kit

I design the unit for a price around 600.00 - 700.00  Which i thought was far and if it was offered to me I would have bought it instead of the CK burner kit

this includes
Compressor built in

Electronics and controllers for Preheaters and oil primary

Customized Electode that mounts to the front of the nozzle/Preheater block and hooks up with Wires instead messing with Buss bars and burner tube. Also no bending there swivel and adjust with a screw insted of bending them into place (come preset and ready)

Has constant level tank built in with External Tumb screw Adjustable level so once again Simple no need to bend Float arm and mess inside the tank

The retention head is also being worked on still but design so No need to remove burner unit you can adjust the retention head position with a tumb screw (still in design)

Many more feature and option I design this to eleminate all the problems I had with my conversion Unit

Now that i have your attention im about to build the first protype and I really want to no if this is even worth my while at this price range

only down fall is I cant offer UL listed because of the cost(but if i get enough people interested I will) so it will fall into your conversion Use at your own risk
But will still maintain Safety Features

and I will offer warrenty on parts i beleive in quality

And to ensure quality done right I will select a few Senior and Long term form members to give my Burner a test


Matt Schindler

Yea my heater is working the problem with the retention head was some of the fins were bent up so it was causing a turbulence air flow only allowing for a 1 inch dirty flame  im trying to post some of my issue hopefully to help others when they have problems

so far problems i fixed and diagnosed

(1)  No Fuel

      Dirty nozzle

(2) Fuel but no flame or alot of smoke

            to much air to fuel mixture

       Fix - removed the blower motor
               then removed the Plastic shroud inside
               covered the air inlet with plasic then used the shroud to hold in place
               put blower motor back on

               I found if you need more air flow you can puncture holes in the plastic then
               use air damper to control air flow               

(3) Small flame with smoke

        this was retention head problem several things will do this 
       make sure your retention head is flush with nozzle or 1/8 to 3/16 passed face of nozzle this all differ
       on all set up but its a close guideline you should follow

      my Issue was my retention head fins were bent causing turbulance air fuel mixture I have the CK
       retention head so I careful bent them back then Tig weld them in place

sorry for the brief and fast sentance been sick all week finally get back on my feet

any question or More detail pics of my set up I will be more then happy to help

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