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Welcome Center / Hello from 13,000 HDD and $7 a gal heating fuel
« on: June 29, 2014, 04:19:32 pm »
It gets cold here! So damn cold that when you face the winter wind, the mammalian dive reflex kicks in! I service about 7 Chinese food restaurants and all the attendant grease. I love grease. The more you blend with the $7 a gal fuel oil, the cheaper the heating bill here gets (If luckey, maybe even cheaper tfuel costs than where you live!). The good stuff is cheap as dirt on eBay, and they don't start questioning your lack of heating service background you're in. BUT you can burn down your house if you are not observant and ask a lot of questions? There are lots of computer chip controls that will cover your ass if you are a newbie. Did I mention that YOU NEED TO ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS?!! Consider doing you initial trials outside away from the house.

This stuff is not rocket science. People here want you to help cut down on using petroleum and getting a second use from an atmospheric carbon fuel that may go to waste in your area. This Shit matters! Go hug a whale or something. - diesels

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