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Waste Motor Oil / Ignition problems
« on: January 21, 2017, 04:38:58 pm »
I have a DIY waste oil burning furnace using a siphon nozzle in a ckBurners heater block in a Beckett burner.  I have been using this setup for about six seasons with minimal problems but recently it has been having problems igniting.  The burner motor start and after about 3-4 seconds it will ignite but immediately go out, then quickly reignite, then go out again, then reignite.  It varies, but sometimes it will do this about five times before it settles into a steady burn.  The PID says it is reaching the proper preheat temperature.  Your thoughts and suggestions?

Temp Controllers and Thermocouples / PID help
« on: February 17, 2011, 10:53:55 pm »
I consider myself a guy of reasonable mechanical ability and knowledge, but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around PID's.    I intend to use a PID to control my nozzle heater and have been thinking the PID would come on when there was a demand for heat.  Would I be better off to have the PID hold a constant line temperature of, say 160* whether there was a call from the thermostat or not?  Seems to me this would eliminate the lag time for the system to heat the fuel before ignition.  It should also simplify the wiring schematic.  Am I missing something?

Welcome Center / Howdy
« on: February 17, 2011, 08:51:58 pm »
I found and logged on to this site last night for the first time.  I live in the soggy Willamette Valley of Oregon. I hope to retire in two years, so I'm trying to save money and heat my playpen/shop at the same time so I can make things

I have a 70's vintage Coleman with a Wayne burner.  It worked well on HHO.  I originally employed the donna-mike WMO conversion and it worked fairly well as long as it wasn't too cold outside.  Recently I've had a lot of issues and feel my nozzles may be part of the problem.  They are old and I think the bronze screens are semi-plugged. I am planning to install a new one this weekend. 

I've also decided to dump my current short cut WMO method and get more sophisticated.  I made a 1" diameter x 4" aluminum pipe, pre-nozzle heater, that I am going to heat with a Mica heater.  I found a 52 gallon water heater that I have converted to inside oil storage and I have an Auber 2342 PID that was originally going to be used in my powder coating oven (another project).  For now, I hope to use the Auber for heater control once I figure the best wiring method.  At this time I plan to wrap a few coils of copper return line around the stove pipe to help heat the oil in the inside, intermediate tank.  I had thought about using the coiled pipe as a pre-heater but decided that would over work the OEM pump.  I'm hoping that once the shop is kept toasty for a while I won't need a pre-pump heater.  I could use the water heater elements but am reluctant, partially because of the extra electricity usage needed.  We'll see.

Well I've already written too much so I won't continue, I need to look for examples of wiring diagrams anyway.


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