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Waste Motor Oil / New and have questions!
« on: March 12, 2018, 09:25:44 pm »
Hello everyone im new on here and to oil burners. I right now heat with wood its alot of work to get ready for winter and it really down heat alot unless u pay for really good wood. My plan was to build a bigger wood burner that will have pipes and a fan to push some major heat. Well heres the thing im hearing is a waste motor oil burn would put out more heat. Since i already work on cars and have 14 gallons of used oil why not make a wood/oil burner! I dont want any electric spraying style oil burn just a gravity drip oil heater how can i make 1 cheap? I can weld and fab just need some kind of plan! Here is a pic of what i want to turn into a wood oil burner.

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