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Welcome Center / Hello All! Looking for advice/pointers.
« on: January 01, 2017, 10:31:12 pm »
So I've been heating my 30 x 40 attached garage for around 7 years now with a hot air furnace running a beckett burner that I converted using CK's parts. I recently did a 1500 sq.ft. second story addition to my house and added a heat pump system. Previously I heated solely with a wood pellet stove. I'm highly disappointed with the heat pump and also the temp differences between the upstairs addition and the lower level. After an almost $400 electric bill last month from running the heat pump I have been racking my brain as to what I can do to make things better. Thinking I came up with a new idea of using a heat exchanger in the heat pump I started looking for more info and ran across this site and figured id ask for advice. I just purchased a really nice burnham boiler that I am planning on swapping my current waste oil burner onto and putting the boiler in place of the hot air furnace in my garage. I'll need a heat exchanger in the plenum of my heat pump, another heat exchanger with a fan for the garage and I would also like to heat my hot water with it. I have ALOT of questions but I'll start with just a few. This boiler has a domestic hot water coil in it but the boiler will be almost 50' from where my hot water heater is. Should I use a sidearm heat exchanger and tie it into the rest of the heating system or use the domestic hot water coil and a circulator pump that's good for potable water to keep the electric hot water heater up to temp?  Also what kind of insulated piping makes the most sense to use to go from the boiler to the heat pump which unfortunately is in my attic and about 75 feet away? Im planning on making it a closed system and possibly running antifreeze in it but I am open to suggestion on that also. Thanks in advance for any input you guys have for me.

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