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User Projects & Pictures / 600Kw output Drip fed burner.
« on: April 14, 2015, 10:11:59 am »
I have been working on a new setup to get more power out of my burners.
1L of oil a minute or 600Kw has been a goal for some time and I have finally got there. I have been using these burners a bit recently to separate the aluminum from steel and other metal in car parts. A monster like this will allow whole engines to be melted down in under 5 minutes I reckon.

Here's a preview of the burner running.


I'll edit the full vid and get it up in the next couple of days.

I did a flow test on the fuel before the run and measured the consumption afterwards to confirm the output. As soon as I opened the fuel right up and it ran without going rich or smoking, I knew what I had achieved.  The surprise was how easily I did it.  I measured the fuel flow before and after and confirmed I was getting 600KW but as I had the thing wide open with 3 PSI fuel pressure ion a 3/8 line and got no smoking, it's clear the thing can do more.

I also got another blower to force feed the primary one and the flame of the burner got shorter and hotter indicating the thing was then leaning out.  I'll have to go to a 1/2" fuel line as I don't want to put any more pressure on the plastic fuel tank I'm using.
This thing isn't exactly a "drip" burner, the flow of 1L of oil a minute is a very healthy stream.  I don't know what it is in pure American standard of measurement being football Fields but it is one of your gallons in Under 4 min.  Be thankful your car doesn't get that although I imagine you'd have a smile on your face if it did.

I'm thinking this burner which has a 3" outlet and a 2.5" inlet may go to 750 Kw, maybe higher.  The next goal obviously is 1000KW. For that I'm thinking a 4" outlet and a 3" inlet will allow me to get to that level.  After that, there really is no point I suppose because the sky is the limit  depending on your ability to supply air and fuel.

I also bought another blower. It's a very specialized bit of gear which is a high speed, high pressure blower capable of putting out 60 CFM @ 13 PSI. This could make for an awesome torch/ jet like burner that will shreik like an old turbo jet of the '60's .  I'm thinking of something like a small stationary  rocket type motor and see if can get Mach Diamonds coming out the end which really would be rocket science as it indicates a flame speed above the speed of sound. not sure if that is possible on 13 PSI but I aim to find out!


I'll get the full vid up in the next couple of days to show the full setup and the fuel measurement.

Board Suggestions / Membership Drive
« on: February 21, 2015, 06:40:23 am »

I have 3500 subscribers on my YT channel that I feature all my oil burning designs and stupidity on.

Would it be allowed and or a good Idea to put something up about this forum to bring in some new people?

I haven't found anything else covering this subject matter but is sure is quiet round here.

Welcome Center / Hello, My name is oil burner and I'm an Oiloholic. :0)
« on: February 21, 2015, 06:00:21 am »
Stumbled across this site and thought it might be right up my alley although it does look a little quiet here?
Seems I passed the entrance exam to be allowed in, never been through that to get in to a forum before. You guys must have some real good secrets locked away in here!!!  :0)

I'm in Sydney Australia which means when most of you are freezing your butts of in god forsaken snow, I'm sweating like a pig and getting sunburnt.  It also means I don't understand your out of date temperatures in o F, Whatever the heck that is nor do I have any comprehension of your standard units of length measurements, Football fields.  We, like the rest of the civilized world work in units of 10 called the metric system. :0)
A thong here is a rubber sandal you wear on your feet, equally for blokes and sheilas, of any age from birth to death.  It's NOT something that goes up the crack of your Klakka.

I make all sorts weird and wonderful burners most of which are ridiculously and impractically over-powerful.  I like fire and being in control of it, what can I say?
 If it's not doing 100Kw or 10L an hour, I can build one that will to relieve the painful boredom.  So far the most powerful Burner I have built burnt goes through 38L an hour of oil  or outputs 380 Kw and would do more If I can finally get my hands on something like a jumping castle blower. Or 2.

I have a Youtube channel under the same name where I show my exploits and have tutorials on building and operating different home made burners. 


The channel is for men and women who are into DIY and getting their hands dirty. If you are a whining safely zealot Nazi, it's definitely not for you.  :0(
My belief is PPE is all fine and well but basically useless if your brain isn't engaged in the first place.  Uncommon sense is the most important piece of safety gear in my book.  Don't whine about me welding without gloves, it hasn't killed me or anyone else yet and I have no time for whingers that have never done so much DIY as nail 2 bits of wood together but think they have a duty to play mother hen on the internet to everyone that can.   ::)

The burners I make are designed for melting scrap metal to putting under your BBQ. I have used them for powering a water heater so I could have a hot shower when the electric one died recently to heating oil for processing to Biodiesel and just make big flames for the hell of it.   :P

For my upcoming personal projects, I want to make an oil burning heater for the house that is located outside and circulates hot water through a radiator inside.  I also have the heat exchanger from a boiler that was used to heat a council  Olympic size pool and want to finally get around to setting that up to heat my own swimming pool.  The HE is only rated at 200 Kw so I'll have to tame things down a bit so I don't melt the thing. That should give me a 20oC temp rise on my 70K L pool in about 12 hours.

I have also been running my Vehicle on used Veg oil for over 10 years now and I'm pretty familiar with that as well although I go against the grain of about 90% of what is preached with that because it's basically rubbish that people parrot and follow blindly without ever testing. I have and base my opinions and practices on demonstrated fact not what the last guy said  who followed what the guy before him did who followed the guy before him and.....

I have misspent a lot of my time following oily and often smokey pursuits and I hope to be able to contribute here and help some people avoid making the same mistakes I have and leverage their learning curve while being able to learn some things myself.

OK, now I have cured your insomnia, you can wake up now and go back to your regular Viewing.

Have Fun guys!


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