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Thanks for the reply. I thought the same about the pid, just set the temp and done but it doesnt seem to work that way for me lol. I have a cartridge heater in the nozzle block with a K type thermocouple and a pt100 thermocouple with a tank heater in the siphon tank. Seemed simple enough?! The tank pid will not let me change the type of thermocouple in the settings menu and the nozzle block pid just flashes all small zeros on the top row (the pv row). Im going to keep watching videos and reading up on this. Ill post any progress if any as I get it.

I bought 2  REX-c100fko2 pids and i can not get them to work. One is for the preheater block and one is for the tank heater.
I dont know what parameters need to be set etc etc etc.. Im confused on how to get these working correctly. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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