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« on: September 13, 2019, 01:25:36 pm »
Good day.
I currently burn #2 oil in a thermo pride home forced air furnace to warm up the shop.
Would like to start burning used motor oil for heat.
I have a second furnace to do a conversion. It is also a thermo pride forced air furnace. Rated for 106k btu input. The label states .75 gph.
 It has a beckett burner
. The blast tube is 9 inches long from the mount flange  and the distance to the back of the burn chamber is another 9 inches.
Will this furnace be a good candidate to convert or is there a better one to be looking for?
Also I am leery of using a float tank. Can a metering pump be set up to feed a siphon nozzle?

Have a good day

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