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Commercial Waste Oil Heaters / Re: lanair hs90 hot shot
« on: May 28, 2017, 09:17:13 pm »
If it comes to that we will, I'm hoping the manual will surface so I can figure out how the pump is wired in. This thing looks nearly new, although I realize it's probably around 20+ years old. I basically bought it for parts and to mess with, but it's in such good shape that I may end up using it!

Commercial Waste Oil Heaters / Re: lanair hs90 hot shot
« on: May 28, 2017, 12:55:05 pm »
Anybody have a manual or scanned copy for the Lanair HS90? Just picked one up complete and great shape, but a manual would help with hooking up a couple of disconnected wires.....thanks!

Price reduction for summer, $750 firm!!!!!

Buy - Sell - Trade / Thermobile AT 307 Waste/veggie oil pot burner
« on: March 28, 2017, 03:55:54 pm »
Selling my Thermobile AT 307. Unit has been used for about three or four years, it was bought as new old stock still in the box from a farm supply store. This unit is pretty much trouble free and is easy to start. Has a built in 15 gallon or so oil tank, built in circulation fan, and it does a good job of heating my 30'x48'x10' ceiling pole barn in the winter. Going to a furnace style conversion to make it easier to keep the shop warm all the time. This same unit is now sold in the states by Thermobile as a waste vegetable oil heater; a friend of mine bought one the same time I did and runs his on veggie oil and says it stays much cleaner than WMO. If you have a source of WVO and want a cheap way to heat with it, this might be your best option. Located in zip 46365, Northern Indiana, and I can help with hauling if necessary for a reasonable distance. Asking $950 OBO, these go for over $2000 new. Thanks!

Metering Pumps / Re: Ebay metering pumps?
« on: February 21, 2017, 11:35:02 am »
The furnace is about 75K btu but he was probably running about triple that or even more with the oil pressure, air pressure and nozzle size he had installed. He had a huge shop to heat, so by 'overfiring' I mean pumping way more btu's through the heat exchanger than it was ever meant to handle. And he had the furnace set to run all of the time when it was switched on, throw a wall switch on the furnace and heater and pumps started and ran until it was manually turned off, he didn't run it through a thermostat so it would cycle. I want my setup to work 'normally' where I set a temp on a thermostat and the furnace kicks on and off to maintain it, so when I move everything over to a 'new old furnace' I need to make changes to the wiring, just not sure what changes I'll need to make.  And not sure if the pump setup he is using will work for me, or how to trigger it, I need to move my drip pan evaporator style heater first then I can get started on modifying and installing the new furnace. The good story is that I posted on CL and have about five or six candidates so far for a replacement furnace, which gives me some options. A front chimney would work great for me, so I'm going to try to hold out for one, hopefully one of my candidates have that.

Metering Pumps / Ebay metering pumps?
« on: February 16, 2017, 08:37:24 pm »
I just picked up a working furnace using one of the CK kits due to the owner upsizing to a new Cleanburn. He's been overfiring it something terrible, so I'm on the lookout for a 'new' old furnace to swap parts into, and I'm looking for a way to do a metering pump. He has had an electric motor running a small hydraulic pump, but I'm sure he's running more oil than I want or need to; in addition I think he was running it continuously, and I'm going to run it off of a thermostat. Maybe I'm missing something, but is there a reason that the chemical type metering pumps sold on Ebay wouldn't work if they can be slowed down to an appropriate flow rate? Lots of them are 1-2 gph rating, although the pressures are up there. If I'm not understanding something, clue me in please! I've got all summer to make this work, but I want to start early so I'm not messing with it in the cold.

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