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Waste Motor Oil / Re: Wanting to make an efficient burner
« on: February 10, 2021, 07:47:39 pm »
I have to agree the draft fed fires are very tricky to get going cleanly. They flare up and can't be regulated to run steady for hours on end.  And when you selling them I think the only way is forced air, they are clean burning and have to be.  With your draft heater put the air gun in it and see the difference. Hotter. brighter flame and clean burning. I was the same not wanting to introduce power to it, but its only 12 volts and by doing so, we can introduce controls, which run the heater making it mush safer, it stays at a set temp now, we have the waste oil control unit at drip fed waste oil and that turns it off if the fire ever goes out. Where as the draft heater keep on pouring oil into the heater until the storage tank is empty. That gets messy.
My 10c cents worth.
All the best.

Board Suggestions / Drip fed waste oil heaters
« on: July 05, 2015, 06:03:08 pm »
Thanks Russ,
Well, many heaters & a few heaters build especially for boilers, have been built and sold since my last post.
It's a busy time of the year building these drip fed waste oil heaters for New Zealander up and down the country. They like that free heating and free hotwater.

We have a problem in the waste oil heating industry, mainly the drip fed heaters and that can be very dangerous if not checked, I've had the odd times happen to me, where oil has builds up in the burning pot and it all wants to burn at once, we call it "the Chernobyl effect" where the temp can rises to 1000 F, and the thick black billows out the flue.
This smoke can be stopped by blocking the holes off in the rotor and becomes clear very quickly, but it takes a little while for the fire to die down to 600 F. The gas bottle will glows red and so can the flue.
So what we are thinking is, we will now put an overflow copper tube in the burning pot to stop this from every happening especially to people that install these heaters in their homes.
I will be looking into it today and will be posting it on our website: hopefully later today.

So what will now happen, is should the fire ever drop down in temperature in anyway, and the oil feed continue to flow at the same rate, the oil beings to build up inside the burning pot, so now it will flow out of the pot into a catchment vessel ideally around 20 litres. This container will need to beable to hold hot waste oil, like cut down gas bottle.

These fires tend's to operate without any problems at all infact a bit like a gas heater.
I will light mine at four in the afternoon and have the house warm by the time the family arrive home at 5pm, and turn it off at 10.30pm and I really don't check it. I do have temperature gauge attached to the radiator so I know what the fire is doing via that gauge, and if that gauge ever drops or rises too much I will go downstairs and check the burner, often it's nothing. Anyway check out the website for the new addition.
If you have any other ideas we should be looking at please post.
I hope this Chernobyl meltdown never happens to anyone, check how much oil is in the pot.
Never use a frypan this oil can overflow when burning long hours, the ash builds up and the oil may overflow, as it has nowhere to go.
Cheers hamish 


Waste Motor Oil / Re: Waste oil spa pool heater
« on: February 24, 2015, 03:02:18 am »
Looks good but you'll probably find oil may overflow & fall to the bottom of the tank and ignight, causing an out of control oil fire which can be quite frightening inside the shed or home so keep a bloody good eye on it. I hope I'm wrong for your sake, but I have built one like this 4 years ago and that's what it would do from time to time so i pulled it out turned it upside down and popped a burner unit under it.

Welcome Center / Re: Drip fed waste oil heating.
« on: February 24, 2015, 12:04:09 am »
Thanks Russ I hope you can get some use out of that website.
Just finished another one today, that will be off to the customer in the morning.
Also gave the orchard heater some legs and a quick paint job and a nice new flue and cowling.
All good stuff.

Welcome Center / Drip fed waste oil heating.
« on: February 22, 2015, 04:14:30 pm »
Hi all, I'm a new-be to this oil burning forum, however I have been in business constructing drip fed waste oil heaters for the past 4 years for home heating and swimming pool heaters up to 80,000 litres.
Our heaters/furnaces burn at a rate of 1.2-1.8 litres of waste engine oil per hour.
Please check us out at
I may beable to help you guys with any of your problems of burning waste oil cleanly and construction.
We are currently looking at controlling these fires with solenoids which cut oil supply off should the flame extinguish and auto lighting and thermostats to control the top temperatures, but normally we are against adding power to these units.
Regards Fireman Jim

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