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Title: what is it worth el 200-h
Post by: gom699 on March 04, 2013, 07:54:38 pm
Hi all.  Im new here.  I have a Energy Logic 200-h I love the unit it works great.  i am closing my shop and starting a new career, so i wont have a oil source any more.  My unit is three years old with only two seasons of heating.  I didnt use it the first year. when it was brand new.  I am looking to sell it and I want to know what it is worth.  i have a 200 gal tank on it and i will include three 250 gallon totes and several barrels pluss a 12 volt pump I use to transfer.  can anyone help me price this?  thanks
Title: Re: what is it worth el 200-h
Post by: Russ on March 14, 2013, 10:11:22 pm
Greetings gom699,

Many of us that frequent this site are familiar with home built units and is probably why you havent gotten any replies.  Sounds like you have a nice setup there and hopefully you can find a buyer.  Craigs list might be a good place to list.

Thanks for stopping by.  Sorry to see you getting out of burning the black stuff, but I am sure someone else will make good use of it.